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Why Choose SunDog Mining?

For SunDog Mining, our mission is to generate confidence and security with each and every one of our clients. They are our motivation to keep innovating and to improve day by day in our services and business solutions. 

Competitive Pricing

Leveraging our industry knowledge and experience we have found a way to bring low cost competitive hosting fees to clients of all sizes.

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Hosting For All Your Projects

We offer ASIC, GPU, and container hosting with all-in rates as well as power purchase agreements to provide the best solution to all of your projects needs.

30MW+ Under management across 3 sites

2 Sites under construction for hosting services in 2022

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No Minimums

We have no minimum power requirements on any of our hosting services to allow even the smallest of hobbyist a share of our competitive low prices.

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On-Site Security

Not only do we have on-site security all of our facilities are secured and monitored remotely 24/7/365 to keep all of our clients miners safe.

On-Site Technicians

We have on-site technicians to ensure that you are always hashing and to help with anything else you might need.

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Foreman Mining Control Panel

Remote management, monitoring, alerting, and much more all powered through our custom Foreman Mining control panel.

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